Orientation is over! What’s next? (Winter 2019)

Our Winter 2019 Orientation was so much fun! We hope you got to know your new campus a bit better, picked up some great tips for the year ahead, and even met a few new friends. But now that Orientation is over, you may be asking yourself, “What’s next?”

Well, don’t worry! Here are some helpful answers to your most frequently asked questions. Note: This information is specific to the Winter 2019 intake. 

When do classes begin?

All classes begin Monday, January 7, 2019. Familiarize yourself with your timetable now (Student Portal > Timetable). If you have registered in a lab, check your Student Portal for the start date of your lab.

If you schedule bank appointments, etc. or have questions and want to speak with an ICM staff, you must do this outside of class time.

Not sure where to find your classroom? Join a campus tour or check the location of your classes on a campus map so you’re not late on your first day. You can find the building and room number for each of your classes on your timetable.

We also have a month of optional activities taking place to welcome you onto campus! Check your Student Portal for all the activities happening throughout January.

How do I get my ICM student ID card?

  1. Log into your Student Portal > Student Resources > Student Profile and write down the UNI NO. Important: Your UNI NO (U of M student number) will be seven digits. This is different from your ICM student ID which consists of letters and numbers.
  2.  If don’t see a UNI NO yet, please check back the week of January 7. As soon as we receive your number from the U of M, we’ll upload it into the system for you.
  3. Bring your passport, study permit, and UNI NO to the ID Centre currently in 112 Sundown Room on the 1st floor of UMSU University Center (look for signs around the building) to obtain your student card.

How do I buy a bus pass?

Students who have their ICM student ID card can purchase their peggo card and post-secondary bus pass from Answers on the 1st floor of UMSU University Center.

Don’t have your ID card yet? No problem! You can buy a peggo card from Answers, 7-Eleven, or Shoppers Drug Mart and load e-cash or a weekly bus pass onto your card until you receive your ICM student ID card.

How do I activate my ICM Student Portal email address?

Now that you’re here on campus, it’s time to activate your ICM Student Portal email address though your Student Portal by clicking Inbox. Check our page 15/16 of the Student Portal Tutorial for tips like how to forward your ICM student emails to your personal email account.

Students must only email ICM staff and instructors from this secure student email address. Check this email address and the Student Portal daily for important updates and information!

What about connecting to wifi on campus?

While there’s a free guest network, you’ll need an UMNetID to access the secure wifi network on campus. Instructions to claim your UMNetID will be emailed to your ICM Student Portal email address soon. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your UMNetID.

I still have some questions. Where should I go? 

This is a big, exciting new adventure and while it will be a lot of fun, the coming weeks can also bring some challenges as well. But we’re here to help! For questions about adjusting to Winnipeg, to discuss personal concerns, program advising, or anything else, please visit 305 Fitzgerald during the hours posted weekly in your Student Portal: https://learning.icmanitoba.ca/feed/AcademicServices

If you have any general questions, come to the ICM office in 508 University Centre during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-5:00PM).

Welcome to Winnipeg!



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