Celebrating 10 Years of International Student Success at ICM!

2018 is a monumental year for ICM as we celebrate our 10 years of partnership with the University of Manitoba (UM). In 2008, the International College of Manitoba (ICM), aimed at supporting UM’s strategic goals of diversifying international enrolments and improving the academic success rates of international students, opened its doors at the university’s Fort Garry campus. Ten years later, we are still as committed to international student success as we were during our first ever orientation.

It is hard to believe that hundreds of former ICM students have become an integral part of UM’s international alumni family, or that over 4,000 are currently studying at ICM or in the process of completing their degree at UM. While the numbers are impressive, it is the impact created by our students and staff within the local, national, and international communities that keep us doing what we do. Thus, we strive to achieve even greater results in the next ten years.

To highlight ICM’s impact on the community, we have curated some quotes from our Susan Deane Memorial Scholarship winners. This scholarship was established in honour of ICM’s first College Director and Principal, Susan Deane. Winners of this award not only demonstrate strong academic success, but significant contributions to the ICM, UM, and local communities. You can usually find these students coming back to support us during orientations, graduations, and other day-to-day activities. Some of them have even worked for us locally and internationally!

Mehrdad – Summer 2015 (first recipient): I would like to thank all of ICM’s Academic staff for being so amazing and friendly to me and I appreciate their help by giving me a chance to be part of this amazing community. I learned so much and was able to improve so many good qualities in myself. I believe I have accomplished something great in my life by participating in ICM’s volunteer programs.

Daniil – Fall 2016: ICM has changed my life. It is a very multi-cultural place, where I’ve learned how to communicate and talk to people with different backgrounds, which has enabled me to see the world from a different angle. Staff, students, and instructors were great and very supportive.

Dhruv – Summer 2016: During my studies at ICM, I engaged myself extensively with the ICM staff and shared lots laughter and memories and they have been of great help to me and we have become an ICM family. People often fear to make mistakes, do not be afraid to make mistakes as this is what will make you stand out among others. I always tell my friends “I rather be an A student in many things then be an A+ student in just one thing”.

Jayesh – Fall 2016: I would encourage students to come and study in Canada, especially at ICM, because at ICM you will be able to train your mind appropriately, as like Albert Einstein’s ideology says: “Education is not the learning of facts. It’s rather the training of the mind to think,” and be the best in your profession.  

Thanks to our wonderful worldwide network of students, educational agents, and staff, we have been able to continue ICM’s success and help shape student lives on a daily basis! As we look forward to the next ten years, we are not only optimistic, but excited to see what the future has in store for us and our students!


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