Way to go, Jayesh!

A big congratulations to the summer 2016 winner of our Susan Deane Memorial Scholarship, Jayesh!

Jayesh took the time to tell us about his experience here at ICM and why he loves studying on the University of Manitoba’s 140 year old campus.

Canada has a highly specialized education system in the field of aerospace and since I want to work in the aerospace industry, I always wanted to study in Canada so that I can get the best knowledge in my field of interest. I chose to study at International College of Manitoba (ICM) as it has some of the greatest instructors and ever ready staff to help students in any way possible.


The instructors’ explanations with real lifetime examples are so wonderful that enable you to easily understand the concepts and excel in your studies. For instance, Introduction to Thermodynamics is in the top position of my favourite courses. The course is so challenging, but the instructor, Mr. Jordan Ilott, made it so interesting to learn as he shared his experience to explain the concepts.

Apart from the great education that you can get from ICM, the campus has fascinating old building structures. Every time I visit this old building I get to learn something new about the past. And most importantly, I got a chance to make lots of new friends from different parts of the world that broadened my thinking.

I would encourage students to come and study in Canada, especially at ICM, because at ICM you will be able to train your mind appropriately, as like Albert Einstein’s ideology says: “Education is not the learning of facts. It’s rather the training of the mind to think,” and be the best in your profession.


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