Dhruv’s ICM Experience

“The things we know best are the things we haven’t been taught”. ~ Luc de Clapiers

Hey there,

My name is Dhruv Ranpara and I recently graduated from ICM. I was born and brought up in Kenya. I was introduced to the ICM community in the fall semester of 2014. I am currently and undergraduate student in the Asper School of Business aiming to major in Accounting and Finance.

My journey with ICM has been really instrumental. After getting involved into my program in ICM, I realized that having to just study and getting my grades was just not going to be enough to start a new life. The most important lessons are always learnt when mistakes are made and ICM is that platform that allowed me to learn, live, love and grow into a much more responsible individual than I was.

Some things that you should know about the International College of Manitoba…

  • Having walked into a classroom seeing people with different styles, accents, different dressing styles, different ideas, and much more is something very exciting especially for me as an international student. I have made so many friends from China, Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, Libya, India and many other countries. ICM provides this platform for you to get involved with students from different parts of the world.
  • As for my academics, I have enjoyed all the classes that I have been enrolled in at ICM. From the very first day all my classes were very interactive and helpful and this helped me pass all my classes with an ease. When it comes to academics ICM has an excellent pool of instructors that will guide and provide great support throughout your study at ICM.
  • In ICM I had a chance to join different student groups and participate in several rewarding activities. Every semester ICM gives opportunities to students to volunteer in different programs. I was given chance to be an Orientation volunteer where my role was to guide, interact and share my experiences with new international students in the winter, fall and summer semesters. In 2015 summer I than took a step further to become a Peer Advisor and currently I am an Orientation Team Building Student Leader. I have since then held onto this position and I enjoy coming up with events for students. Other than academics, ICM has a lot to offer in terms of volunteering opportunities. . Volunteering plays an important role in a student’s life and is highly required as experience.
  • Working hard and involving myself in the ICM community paid off and I was awarded the Susan Deane Memorial Scholarship in summer 2016. The Susan Deane Memorial Scholarship is given to highly dedicated students who get involved in ICM and the community at large. I am very honored and thankful to ICM for selecting me as the recipient for this award.

During my studies at ICM, I engaged myself extensively with the ICM staff and shared lots laughter and memories and they have been of great help to me and we have become an ICM family. I really encourage you to participate and get as involved as you can because what matter the most is the experience. People often fear to make mistakes, do not be afraid to make mistakes as this is what will make you stand out among others. I always tell my friends “I rather be an A student in many things then be an A+ student in just one thing”.



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