Introducing Fadi!


Hey everyone,

My name is Fadi. I joined ICM’s marketing team at the end of August. I am moving to ICM from my previous position as the International Business Development Coordinator at the University of Manitoba’s division of Extended Education.  I am excited to join such an awesome team, and look forward to meeting all of our amazing students in the next few months.

I was born in Baghdad, Iraq, and spent most of my childhood in Amman, Jordan until moving to Canada in 2000. As a former international student myself, I understand the fears about adjusting to a new life, learning a new language, and dressing for the winter months. (Despite what people may say, your ears will not freeze and fall off.) Winter has actually become one of my favourite seasons. As a matter of fact, I am joining a curling league this winter!


I like to think of myself as a foodie. You can usually catch me talking about the latest and greatest restaurants in town, or reading the newest Anthony Bourdain cookbook to pass the time on those long international flights! I find that the best way to learn about a new culture is at the dinner table and I’m very adventurous when it comes to trying new foods.

Travel is my other passion. In July, I spent two weeks in what has now become my favourite city in the world, Paris! (Until my next trip at least.) I look forward to expanding my travel horizons and discovering new places in the next few years. (I hear Nigeria is next on the list!!)




Have a great first week 🙂




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