Introducing Olivia!


This letter is to you: “You are incredible. You have so much potential and so many good things left to do. You have time. Good things are coming your way”.

Hello everyone! My name is Olivia. I’m from Indonesia and I am an Admissions Officer at ICM. I joined ICM at the beginning of June after completing my Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in psychology at the University of Manitoba in October 2015 and I am having the best time of my life.

My first experiences with ICM date back to 2011 when I had applied to volunteer for ICM Summer 2011 Orientation Day. Life in Canada to me is not only about academics, but also about extra-curricular activities and the community. At ICM, I have volunteered as an Orientation Leader at three ICM Orientations while I was a student at ICM. I have also volunteered as a Peer Advisor and Tutor for ICM after I completed ICM program and began my studies at the U of M. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had in ICM was the opportunity to be one of the commencement speakers at my ICM graduation day. At the community level, I have volunteered for the Misericordia hospital as a Spiritual Care Resident Assistant. I love playing basketball and played basketball at U of M Recreation Services intramurals which was an amazing experience, and I received February 2012 Intramural Player of the Month.


Due to my keen interest in the cultural diversity, coming to ICM has always been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Although getting out from my comfort zone and thrust into a new environment where I didn’t fully speak the native language was not an easy thing to deal with, but it bears the greatest rewards. The best thing about being at ICM is the diversity and sense of community. From my personal experience, I can confirm that while I might not remember much of what I learned in my statistics courses (just kidding! I still remember!), I certainly still use many of the same lessons I’ve learned while studying abroad in my everyday life. It didn’t take that much time for me to love Winnipeg and make it my home as well. Discovering all kinds of culturally foreign things such as fashion and food, allowing myself to learn different perspectives of thought and expression. Adapting to new cultures kept me inspired on a daily basis. Acclimating to new cultures also made me more flexible and creative in embracing new ways of living.  All I can say is, I believe the benefits of abroad experience wont stop here.


As an incredibly fortunate person to have the opportunity to join ICM and work in my desired professional area at ICM, I am definitely sure that I could never get enough of this opportunities and diversity. Since there are countless ways for you to get involved, I trust that all of you, like me, are ready for the fresh opportunities ICM will bring, therefore I encourage you to be engaged and take advantage of all that ICM has to offer during your time here. I wish you all a very productive year ahead, and I look forward to sharing such experiences with you!



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