Choosing ICM: A Parent’s Perspective

Amit's Parents

The parents of many children go through the tough ordeal of deciding to send their child to university overseas. From analyzing various scenarios, to making tough decisions, they go through it all. But at the end of day what they want is the best for their child, and we truly believed that our child by studying abroad will achieve success.

Today’s blog will provide perspective from Devinder and Jagjit, parents of two ICM alumni and current University of Manitoba students, Amit and Mohit Saini. 

The first reason for choosing Canada was because they welcome students from all over the world with open arms. Secondly, Canada as a country does not discriminate against anyone and we felt much safer to send our children there compared to other countries. Furthermore, the quality of life in Canada ranks as the highest in the world and we wanted the best for our child. Based on these simple reasons we made the decision of sending him to Canada.

Though we had heard about Winnipeg’s weather, the weather was never a major concern. Most provinces in Canada experience similar cold weather during the winter months. Winnipeg was a major attraction as it is much more affordable than big cities but is also growing day by day. With so much expansion and growth, there are lots of opportunities that are being generated daily! The university campus we chose is also fully heated with tunnel access. Facilities such as public transportation and housing are fully heated minimizing the time spent outside in the cold which is limited to waiting for the bus for a few minutes.

We contacted our educational agent and asked them to refer us to some affordable and good ranked universities in Canada so that our son can pursue his undergraduate degree in an institute whose degree is valuable for the future. Our agency gave us many options and one of which was ICM. We were inquiring about all possible institutions but when we heard about the ICM model of teaching we were sure this would prove beneficial to our son.

Some of our concerns however included the worrying thoughts of how our son will cope in a new environment, who will help him as we did not have any friends or relatives, and in Canada whether or not he will be able to understand and fit into Canadian culture. Our agent was very helpful and helped work through all of our concerns. He convinced us to send our son to ICM and explained to us how ICM does their utmost best to integrate their students into Canadian culture, move past the culture shock, and are always there to support the students every step of the way. ICM organizes events and celebrate different cultural festivals, helping students with issues like home sickness. Academically they do not have more then 30-35 student in a class which help students a lot to understand everything. Also, fees structure of ICM/University of Manitoba is affordable. These were the reasons why we choose ICM for our son.

A few of our concerns before choosing ICM included:

  • Safety – Resolved by choosing the right country
  • Affordability – Resolved by choosing the right institution and city
  • As we don’t know any one in Winnipeg our concern was who will help our son to adjust there but it got resolved by our agent who introduced us to all the students who were going to Winnipeg
  • We were really worried about where he will stay in Canada – but that concern was resolved by ICM as they send us all the information about residence home stay and other options.
  • Is the foreign degree valuable for his future –  this concern was resolve as U of M is world renowned university and also a part of U15.
  • And we were also concerned that what if he forgot his culture values – this concern was resolve as  Canada give everyone freedom to practice there religion and culture and respect everyone’s  culture.

Since coming to Winnipeg, both Amit and Mohit have contributed not only to the ICM community through various volunteer opportunities, but are currently active in bridging the gap between international and domestic students at the University of Manitoba through the Manitoba International Bridging Society (MIBS), as well as the Sikh Students Association on campus.

 We always wish the best for our children and continue to have full faith in them.